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With your vision and my execution, we will build a website tailored to your brand. Your responsive website will be meticulously designed with an engaging aesthetic and user experience, driving prospective clients to quickly get the information they need and take action.

Hosting and

Beyond building your website, I can provide hosting and maintenance services to ensure your site is running at optimal performance, giving you peace of mind and time to focus on running your business.

Digital Media

Still need some clarity on how to navigate all this web technology? Do you have the resources but need some direction to help you build and convey your digital brand? Let's sit down and build over some coffee to help you get in gear and develop a plan of action.

Eric E'finit Patiño

Father, Web Developer & Founder of E'finit Media

Eric is a problem solving creator who is fascinated with the art and science of communication. He puts his theories into practice making a daily routine of conveying someone’s brand through the very technical, visual art of web development.

Throughout most of his life, Eric has been telling stories using all mediums from a pen and a pad to code and a computer. In 2015, he left the Fortune 500 life to build his own career as a web developer helping brands tell their story.

Eric is a father to a teenage boy and young girl. When he’s not developing websites, he’s riding bikes around town with his kids, going 8 rounds on a heavy bag or taking his trusty pup to chase squirrels.

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Based on the 8th I Ching trigram, the Chien symbol is represented by three yang lines. In the I Ching philosophy, yang is the direction upward. Awareness here means living in tune with the spirit of the time, the East. The image is the night heaven. The motivation is creativity. The purpose of the I Ching is to merge with cosmic creativity.

The three bars in the E‘finit Media trigram ( Ξ ) represent Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding from bottom to top. Knowledge is the foundation while Wisdom is the way to Understanding. The circle around it represents completion. I apply these principles in every facet of life and work.